Snacking Time For Happy Kids

If your kids are like mine, you will notice that almost everytime of the day is snack time! Little kids love to eat, especially if they are adventurous eaters. My boy particularly love to have a very filling smoothie for breakfast, followed by a quick snack to fuel up, then lunch soon after. It seems the whole day is packed with eating!

It is because of this frequency that you should also look into the nutritional value of their food intakes. Do they eat too much sugar? Too much salt? Too much fat? Do they have ample intakes of fruits and vegetables? Do they drink milk a lot, or eating other dairy products to a minimum of 2 glasses a day?

As much as we think that our everyday food should be good enough for the kids, we need to also think of the above. I’m not sure about other parents, but my dad really put focus on our nutritions, up to secondary school. He never bought us biscuits that are too sugary, he slashed off sweet drinks that were once regular during our mealtime, he didn’t like it when I dipped things into condensed milk and totally against me eating Milo with ice cream as snack. Of course I sneaked eating some behind his back, but I couldn’t eat much because we don’t have much of the stocks at home.

And that’s the key: we as parents can control our kids intake by deciding whether to stock up those things in our home. If we stock up junk food, well, they can eat more junk food. If we stock up sweet drinks, somebody in our household will be tempted to drink the sweet drinks. At first, it will be hard, especially when guests coming, but we don’t have other drinks to offer other than plain water, teas and coffees, but we’ll survive.

Best Times To Snack

If you’re like me, the timing is very flexible. But I keep in mind that he will need to eat Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with Snacks in between. Sometimes, we even have light snacks after dinner. So that’s about 3 times of snacking a day. But my son is only 3 year-old and eat lesser but frequent, so that’s why he requires that frequency in snacking. If your kid is older, you may be able to cut down the snack time a bit, since they probably eat more in a sitting. It’s always safest to check with your paedatrician or dietitian!

How does snacking time works in your family? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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