Recipe: Banana, Oat & Peanut Butter Smoothie

I know the name is long. But I have no choice, because that’s exactly what my son called the smoothie. My son is always requesting for banana and oat mixture in his smoothie, but he has not requested for peanut butter to be included for quite some time. It was one fine day, when he woke up from his nap, that he decided to also have peanut butter in his smoothie.

As usual, when he is open to another ingredient in his smoothie, I will also look forward to include other ingredients. So in this smoothie, I have also included all the other ingredients that he loves: honey, ground cinnamon and vanilla flavouring. Not to forget to pour in the full cream milk, ice and some salt to make the taste pops!

The end result? My son kept asking for more, and my husband (who is a bit picky) even asked for extra servings! You should absolutely try it, especially if you love cinnamon. When I posted this on social media, there were some people who messaged me to ask for the recipe, and the type of banana used.

Below is the recipe of the smoothie that I made for 3 people to drink, which is about 1200ml. The banana that we usually use is Cavendish, as it is the easiest type of banana to buy. Though a friend of mine once shared her tips that the best banana to use to make banana shake is Rastali, so I’ll definitely grab Rastali whenever I see them!

Oh, and another thing, our bananas are usually frozen, because we like to buy a lot of bananas and freeze them once they are ripe. So we didn’t put too much ice in our smoothie. If you happen to use fresh bananas and you would like to have a frosty smoothie, just add on more ice!

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